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2 stabbed near former Charlie Hebdo headquarters, terror investigation opens

By IBTISSEM GUENFOUD, ANGUS HINES, and MAGGIE RULLI, ABC News(PARIS) -- France's counterterror police opened an investigation after a stabbing attack left two wounded in front of the former offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.The offices underwent a terror attack in January 2015 that killed 12 people, including eight…... Read More

Deal to compensate 1998 embassy bombings, lift sanctions on Sudan unravels

By CONOR FINNEGAN, ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- A bipartisan deal in Congress to compensate victims of the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings and assist Sudan in its fragile transition to democracy has fallen apart at the last minute.The breakdown risks those victims and their families not receiving any compensation after decades of…... Read More

Diminishing Arctic sea ice increases concerns about impact of climate change

By STEPHANIE EBBS, GINGER ZEE, LINDSEY GRISWOLD and JON SCHLOSBERG, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Arctic sea ice has melted to the second-lowest level in 42 years, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, a trend experts say shows how climate change is impacting the vulnerable ecosystem and the…... Read More

South Korean government worker shot dead then set on fire on North Korean shores

By JOOHEE CHO, ABC News(SEOUL, South Korea) -- North Korean soldiers shot and killed a South Korean government civil servant drifting in their waters and then allegedly burned the corpse, according to South Korea’s Defense Ministry.“We sternly warn that all responsibility for the brutal act committed towards our citizen lies…... Read More

Nearly 400 whales are dead in mass stranding off coast of Australia

BY: JULIA JACOBO, ABC News(SYDNEY) -- Nearly 400 pilot whales have died after they became stranded off the coast of Australia, wildlife officials announced Wednesday.The whales began piling up off Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania's West Coast earlier this week, according to the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. While marine biologists…... Read More

Lukashenko sworn in as Belarus president in surprise, closed ceremony

By PATRICK REEVELL, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Belarus' authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko was sworn in as president in a surprise, secretive ceremony held Wednesday amid tight security and with no announcement beforehand.The ceremony was held without a live broadcast on state media and most Belarusians only learned of it after…... Read More

Rescue efforts underway for hundreds of pilot whales stranded off Australia's coast

BY: JULIA JACOBO, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A rescue team in Australia is attempting to save as many pilot whales as possible after more than 270 became stranded in waters off the coast of Tasmania.The whales are currently in three different locations off Strahan, a town on the west coast…... Read More

Over 330 elephants suddenly collapsed and died. Scientists now have an explanation

By DRAGANA JOVANOVIC, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- The mystery surrounding hundreds of sudden elephant deaths in Botswana seems to have been solved and the findings bring an end to months of speculation on why at least 330 elephants were found dead in the northwestern region of the Southern African country…... Read More

US reimposes Iran sanctions, setting up showdown with world that rejects them

BY: CONOR FINNEGAN, ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday, authorizing new sanctions on Iranian officials and entities, and those that buy or sell arms to them, because of the "snapped back" United Nations sanctions.The rest of the world does not consider those U.N. sanctions in…... Read More

New species of burrowing dinosaur found perfectly preserved in 'Cretaceous Pompeii'

By JON HAWORTH, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Paleontologists in China have discovered a brand new species of burrowing dinosaur that dates back an estimated 125 million years ago.The newly found dinosaur species was discovered in the Lujiatun Beds, located in northeast China in the Liaoning Province, in the oldest layers…... Read More

Iran's Revolutionary Guard commander vows 'hit' on all involved in US killing of top general Qassem Soleimani

By SOMAYEH MALEKIAN, ABC News(TEHRAN) -- Iran officials again denied Saturday any plot to assassinate the U.S. ambassador in South Africa as an act of retaliation to the killing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' top general, Qassem Soleimani. However, the commander of the IRGC vowed that revenge for Soleimani's…... Read More